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Screening and treatment

Incidences of cancer in our family, or in our group of friends and acquaintances, coupled
with the high visibility of cancer in the media, are some of the main reasons why people
undergo health screening.

Bear in mind the fact that bowel cancer in particular, due to its slow growth that can span
several years from the pre-cancerous polyp stage, can be prevented or at least detected early
and treated with a screening colonoscopy (a scope which examines the large intestine).

Symptoms such as belching, unclear abdominal discomfort, changes in bowel
movements, flatulence and bloating, anal itching and anal bleeding can be
clarified using various examination techniques: gentle endoscopy of the
bowel, rectum and stomach; inspection of the anal canal and haemorrhoids;
ultrasound of the abdominal cavity.

Early detection allows prompt treatment.